Author Wade Ringo

Born and raised in Texas, I grew up in a family of hunters and outdoorsmen. I harvested my first deer when I was 11 in the Pineywoods of east Texas with my grandfather and that quickly opened the door for me to dove, turkey, ducks, hogs, and most recently, exotics. I enjoy fishing, especially for crappie, just as much as I enjoy hunting. I believe it is our duty, as conservationist, to pass along the lessons and skills we acquire throughout of lifetime to the younger generations, so that they may enjoy in the future what we enjoy today. The glory days of hunting are not behind us, but rather in front of us. We have a responsibility to ensure that our way of life is not lost, but carried on for generations to come.

Hog Heaven…or ?

Imagine being able to hunt all year round with no special permits to purchase. You’d be able to keep your freezer stocked with meat during the…